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Bringing Craft Beer To Minnesota

Mankato Brewery started producing beers in 2012, and is proud to revive the brewing tradition in the Key City. Mankato Brewery is the first production brewery in the community since 1967.

Focused on creating authentic beers that reflect the heritage of the region and its people, the crew at Mankato Brewery invites you to try our beer and to Experience Local Flavor.
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Saving The Galaxy One Brew At A Time

Kato Lager

Kato Lager

A crisp, refreshing lager. Kato is an easy drinking, enjoy by all beer, that is perfect for any occasion.

Mad Butcher

Mad Butcher

An American Style IPA delivers ripe tropical fruit flavors, citrus zest, and a touch of honey from the malt. Deliberately unfiltered.

IPA - American
Wolpertinger Stout

Wolpertinger Stout

This amalgamation of forest animals is the perfect representation for our Oatmeal Stout! It combines elements of roasted barley, creamy oatmeal, and fully body.



Rhuby is a smooth tart who is delightfully sour, incredibly sassy, and tougher than anyone this side of the river.

Smooth Tart
Crooked Rook

Crooked Rook

The Crooked Rook has flavors of bittersweet chocolate, coffee and caramel that conspire with the hops’ floral and woody notes, making this beer one treacherous Rook.

Porter Chocolate Coffee
Dungeon Dunkel

Dungeon Dunkel

Beware the rogue who pilfers they key to an ancient dungeon for a chance at riches. Much like the locking mechanism to get into the ancient vault. This beer is rich and complex.

Lager - Munich Dunkel


Hours: Monday – Friday 4-9pm; and Saturday 12-9pm & Sunday: 12-6pm.

Experience Local Flavor

Our Core Beers

Ruby Rhubarb Sour

Organ Grinder Amber Ale

Kato Lager

Mad Butcher IPA

The crew at Mankato Brewery invites you
to try our beer and to Experience Local Flavor.

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