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Mankato’s 1st Production Brewery since 1967


Since 2012

Bringing Craft Beer To Minnesota

Mankato Brewery started producing beers in 2012, and is proud to revive the brewing tradition in the Key City. Mankato Brewery is the first production brewery in the community since 1967.

Focused on creating authentic beers that reflect the heritage of the region and its people, the crew at Mankato Brewery invites you to try our beer and to Experience Local Flavor.
Featured On Tap

Saving The Galaxy One Brew At A Time



This mighty hop mellowed by the chill of frigid lagering creates a smooth, subtle and aromatic brew - one that even Poseidon would hunt the depths to taste.

Cold IPA
Super Serum

Super Serum

A smooth Session IPA made with Sultana hops, which are known for pineapple, pine, and bright citrus notes.

Session IPA
Sector Berry

Sector Berry

Life's not easy for an inter-dimensional galactic-space bounty hunter. But since you're reading this, we assume you're not one, so life is good. Enjoy this crisp and refreshing blonde ale with the light hunts of raspberry.

Blonde Ale
Dark Sector

Dark Sector

This Blue-Raspberry version of your favorite inter-dimensional bounty hunter is easy drinking with light, refreshing taste.

Blonde Ale
Zero Sector

Zero Sector

Our inter-dimensional galactic-space bounty hunter is at it again. Enjoy this crisp and refreshing blonde ale with the light hints of pineapple-strawberry-like flavor.

Blonde Aele
MoonDogs SMaSH

MoonDogs SMaSH

MaSH out a homer at ISG Field with a refreshing MoonDogs brew this summer. SMaSH IPA delivers a light body Citra hop fastball to your taste buds.



Hours: Monday – Thursday 4-9pm; Friday 4-10pm; Saturday 12-10pm; and Sunday: 12-6pm.

Experience Local Flavor

Our Core Beers

Ruby Rhubarb Sour

Organ Grinder Amber Ale

Kato Lager

Mad Butcher IPA

The crew at Mankato Brewery invites you
to try our beer and to Experience Local Flavor.

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Monday – Friday 4 – 9pm
Saturday 12 – 9pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm

Booking An Event


Interested in booking an event in our taproom?  Our taproom is available for weddings to birthdays and everything in between.  

Please contact Samantha, our Tap Room Manager, for availability and pricing. 

Sam Rubene

Taproom Lead

Sam is the face of the taproom and friends to everyone who visits our taproom. Sam is your person for any questions about taproom events or what beers to try. Make sure you say “hi” to Sam the next time you’re in.

Ben Williams


Ben runs our cellar area. You will find Ben busy managing the tanks by dumping yeast, hops and doing an awesome job cleaning! Clean tanks make happy beer! When Ben isn’t at the brewery you can find him custom building archtops, ukes, & parlor guitars. He owns Hogbac Acoustics and is an expert in acoustic instrument repair.

Alex Meyer

Assistant Brewer

You will see Alex brewing in the brewery many nights when you are stopping in the taproom. We hope you get a chance to stop in and meet Alex.

Jace Leiferman

Logistics and Business Manager

Jace works with all our distributors in each market we sell our beer. Make sure you say hi to Jace the next time you see him out.

Chris Collins

Head Brewer

Chris “Grist the scientist” Collins runs the lab, filters the beer, brews some brew, and enjoys drinks with the crew. He really likes his yeast. They are his beer babies and microbe gathering buddies. Yeasts are vitamins to Grist the Scientist.

Chris found his love for brewer’s yeast as a college student. He is proud to have graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Bachelors of Science: Microbiology program and to educate a lucky MNSU intern on beer science. He furthered his beer studies through the American Brewers Guild, Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering program.

He plays Dungeons and Dragons and loves maillard reactions. Make sure to come in and say “Hi” to Chris!

Tim Tupy


Tim Tupy was born and raised in New Prague Minnesota, and moved to Mankato in 1987 to attend Minnesota State University of Mankato. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. After college he worked for Hickory Tech and Midwest Wireless.

Tim’s Great-Great-Great-Grandfather started the first brewery in New Prague MN in 1884. His name was Albert Minar SR.

Tim has been a homebrewer for many years before opening the brewery. Mankato Brewery will be the first production brewery in Mankato since 1967.