Most Wanted Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Jan 1st 2019

Most Wanted Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Most Wanted Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged

Most Wanted is the Barrel Aged Imperial Stout of our Mr. Stout. Brewer's tasting notes: Pleasant vanilla bourbon aroma with smooth full bodies oak taste and a lovely lingering flavor of dark chocolate.


Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
ALC: 12% by Vol
IBU: 60
Color: Black

Most Wanted: Mr. Stout Imperial Stout aged in new barrels of Buffalo Trace, Old Forester, and Heaven Hill Barrels then back blended for sale.

With a limited barrel run we will ONLY be releasing 150 bombers that will be for sale at the Mankato Brewery Taproom. These are available for purchase now through this pre-sale to be pick up on January 5th and IF there are any left will be for sale to general public after that.

So, guarantee your bottle(s) today before you miss our on our chance to take home our big 2019 Anniversary Beer!  Bottles will be available after our pre-release to liquor stores.


Pre-sale pick up will be January 5th 12-4pm at the Mankato Brewery Taproom and make sure to join us that night for our 2019 Mankato Brewery Anniversary Party!  Link for Anniversary Party Tickets:   CLICK HERE