Graham Q. Davenport III  interviewing Head Brewer Chris

Posted by Graham Q. Davenport III on Mar 11th 2019

Graham Q. Davenport III interviewing Head Brewer Chris

Greetings, friends and lovers! It’s your old friend Graham from Mankato Brewery with the first interview in a series we’re calling Brewer’s Spotlight.

First on the list of interviewees is none other than Mankato Brewery’s very own Head Brewer, Chris Collins.

Graham: Good evening, Mr. Collins! How are you feeling this morning?

Chris: It’s noon.

Graham: Don’t dodge the question.

Chris: I’m fine. Busy. You told me you weren’t going to waste my time for once.

Graham: Whoops. I figured I’d start with some softball questions before we get in to the hard hitters.

Chris: Great. Let’s get this over with.

Graham: Do you feel comfortable running softball practice and study halls without the other coaches present?

Chris: Har, har. Softball questions. Can we be done now? I have to finish brewing Mad Butcher.

Graham: Thanks for your time, Chris!

Well, there you have it. That’s all the time we have for today. I hope when you kick off your shoes tonight and crack open a cold Mad Butcher, you can do so with a little bit of insight from our distinguished head brewer, Chris Collins!

Graham Q. Davenport III