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All Pints North - Duluth

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Mankato Brewery is all set for All Pints North this year.  Stop by our booth to try some special beers we've made for this special event.

Our lineup is:

  1. PB Grinder:  Organ Grinder Amber Ale Perfectly blended with Beanut Butter!
  2. Kato Radlermass:  Munich Helles Lager brewed with Fresh Lemonade
  3. Wha' Hoppened:  Ele Dorado, Equinox, and Hallertau Blonc Hops - To create a Hop-Forward APA with clean malt character.
  4. A-Firkin Butcher in Paradice:  We had a great idea for your next vacation, an extra Citra Dry-Hopped Mad Butcher w/Mango & Pineapple.