Posted by Graham Q. Davenport III on Nov 21st 2018

1st BLOG from Asst. Brewer Graham Q. Davenport III

Webster’s dictionary describes a bog as a... wait... ok, give me a second. Ok, Webster’s dictionary defines a bog as “wet, muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body”. 

When the team asked if I would do a weekly bog post for Mankato Brewery’s web page my first instinct was to decline. What does a fetid swamp have to do with the art of brewing? Is this really necessary? Surely, I thought, there are people at the brewery who know more about bogs than me. Chris says there aren’t, so here we go.

Truly, Mankato is rich with bogs; there happen to be countless along the banks of the Blue Earth river. As a matter of fact, if bogs were Spanish gold pieces, Mankato would be Juan Ponce de Leon himself.

Great bog wealth does come at a cost. I assume the multitude of bogs are the putrid breeding ground for mosquitos, the wretched scourge of our fair city.

But what benefit do bogs give our community? For one, they are the ideal place for destroying sensitive documents. Just toss the briefcase in the bog. Even if the prosecution finds out, they’d be hard pressed to find law enforcement willing to slog through all the mud and animal carcasses now necessary to convict you of tax fraud.

That’s about all the time we have to talk bogs today, so sit back with an ice-cold Mad Butcher, Organ Grinder, or any of Mankato Brewery’s fine beers and ponder the importance of bogs in your life.

Graham Q. Davenport III

Assistant Brewer - Mankato Brewery